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2002-12-25 - 2:16 p.m.
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!! I hope everyone is enjoying their day!! I got up at 6:00am. I'm reaaaally tired right now! I'm gonna have a good sleep tonight. Tomorrow we're going to my other grandmas!

I got a lot of cool stuff for Christmas. I got $30 mall gift certificate from my grandma and grandpa. My brother got me the new Austin Powers movie, and I also got the movie Spiderman and Ice Age. lol.

I also got 3 Stephen King books. One of them is his newest one called 'From a Buick 8' which is supposedly his last one. The other two I already had. lol. I also got this cool book light. It clips onto the book so you can read in the dark.

From my sister I got a box set of perfume, a gift card for WalMart and a pack of scratch tickets. I also got scratch tickets from my parents, and in total I won $9. I also got a t-shirt, chocolates, gum, socks, Listerine pocket packs (lol), fudge, cotton candy chapstick.....

I also got a new TV stand to hold my new TV! I'm tired. I feel like having a nap. I need to finish watching Spiderman too.

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