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2002-12-23 - 5:05 p.m.
Wheeeeeeeeeee!!! I'm excited about Christmas! Can't you tell? This morning I went to the bank to cash my check from work. Then I FINALLY got a haircut! LOL! I haven't gotten my haircut for awhile now, and my bangs we're almost past my nose! Yippee! While I was at the bank I saw Gail from my animal well being course! That was cool.

Mom, Chris and I cleaned the basement this morning as well. And after that she took us to Sophies for lunch. It was gross. lol. My hot dog tasted ok, but the onion rings were overdone so they tasted shitty.

We're going to my grandparents house for supper tomorrow, and Laurie and Jay are coming around 9:00. Also! Next week there's a movie on called Blue Thunder and it's got DANA CARVEY in it!!!! YEAHHHHH!!

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