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2002-12-20 - 5:34 p.m.
I have decided to be unoriginal and make a list of 50 things about myself. Here it goes.

1. I started this diary after seeing that my online friends Melanie and Jess had one.

2. I met Mel and Jess through a site called, which is the site of an actor named Noah Bastian. We all met on the chatroom there.

3. I have/had Epilepsy. It was a childhood illness. I had to take medication for it.

4. I've been off the medication for a long time now and haven't had seizures at all since then.

5. My left eye crosses in, so I have to wear glasses.

6. My oldest friends are Richard and Mary-Rose. I met Richard when I was in Kindergarden, and Mary-Rose through Brownies and Girl Guides.

7. In grade 4, Richard and I were having a contest to see who can jump the highest from the swings. When I jumped I landed wrong and sprained my ankle. I spent the rest of the day limping.

8. The principal told me to stop faking it

9. I moved to Barrie for Grade 5

10. The first person I met when I moved to Barrie was a girl named Lindsay. We weren't friends, but she thought we were.

11. I met my best friend Shannon in Grade 6, I had to sit next to her on the first day.

12. Apparently, when my brother was born I told my mom to put him back.

13. My best subject in school was always English. In grade 11 I was taking 3 English courses in one semester.

14. My worst subject was math.

15. I'm very good at spelling, and in grade 7 I was put into the smart spelling group.

16. I like writing, and want to be a writer.

17. I love reading, my favorite author is Stephen King. I own almost every single one of his books.

18. I am also a huge movie fan. I love going to the movies and I love buying movies. Last time I counted, we had almost 300 movies in the house.

19. My favorite actor used to be Jim Carrey, and I own almost all of his movies.

20. Now my favorite actor is Dana Carvey, as you can obviously tell from my layout.

21. I've seen Master of Disguise three times.

22. I love horror movies. The bloodier the better.

23. I also love comedy movies.

24. I HATE sappy romance movies.

25. I saw Titanic when it was in the theater, and I laughed.

26. My first cat was named Throckmorton. (I didn't name her) She was given to me by my uncle. Later on she was killed on the highway.

27. My second cat was named Ace. We had to give him away because he kept pissing on everything.

28. My third cat is named Fluffy, I still have her :)

29. My most embarassing moment was when I was in Grade 3. I was climbing the monkey bars and reached all the way to the top. I got scared and peed my pants.

30. I have only been to two concerts in my entire life.

31. The first concert I ever went to was Aerosmith. It was last year, and it was very special to me since Aerosmith is my favorite band.

32. The second concert I went to was David Usher. It was during the summer this year. We got to go back and meet him because the VIP people hadn't showed up.

33. My favorite show is Saturday Night Live.

34. One of my favorite movies is National Lampoons Senior Trip.

35. I borrowed it from my brother friend Rory, and kept it for 2 years.

36. I like to travel, and I've been to Cancun, California, New York (not the actual city part) Las Vegas and Florida.

37. My mom has promised to take me to Vegas when I turn 21.

38. My favorite food is steak, served medium rare. Yummy.

39. I've never had a boyfriend before. I'm not counting Jim.

40. When I was in Grade 5 I would get a drink from the water fountain and then try and get people to make me laugh so I would spit the water out.

41. My favorite teacher ever was Mrs. Firman who taught me in grade 5.

42. My first real job was when I worked at Burger King. I was fired after 4 days because I was "too nervous"

43. They didn't even train me properly! They were supposed to show me training videos, but the VCR was broken.

44. My second job was at a factory called CanPlas. I was fired after 4 weeks because I was too slow.

45. I am currently working at a daycare. I cook lunch for the kids. I've been working there since the end of September which is the longest I've ever held a job.

46. I've always wanted to work in a bookstore since I love reading.

47. I've never smoked or did drugs.

48. I think I can come up with more than 50 facts about myself. But I don't want to.

49. I am currently attending Georgian College, studying to become a veterinarian.

50. I am now finished this. If I think of more, I will continue the list.

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