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2002-12-18 - 5:33 p.m.
Today was ok. For some stupid reason I keep thinking it's Thursday. I guess it's because I'm really excited about Christmas.

I got very annoyed with this one girl at work named Mandy. I brought out lunch for all the kids in the toddler room. (Today was hotdogs) After I had taken everything to the room, I was leaving and Mandy goes "God! She ALWAYS forgets the ketchup!" She thought I had left the room, so I guess she thought it was ok to talk about me behind my back. So, Leanne said to her "She's still in the room." Mandy turned around and just looked at me.

So I left and got the ketchup. When I brought it to the room, I slammed it down and said "Here's your ketchup!" Geez! I'm in that kitchen rushing my ass to get lunch ready at the proper time. I am NOT thinking of ketchup. If the people there have a problem with me, then they should tell it to my face and not talk behind my back! Morons.

Last night I watched this SNL Christmas special. It was kinda boring. Ahh! I'm missing The Monkees right now!

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