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2002-12-16 - 4:16 p.m.
haha I just received an email from Psycho Bitch again. Read it for yourselves and then you decide.

Subject: Re: Foolish

To: "Melissa Salisbury"

You do realize you're a fucking loser. You even lost to someone I have. If you think I'm stupid enough to post as three different people, then why do you even bother to answer. Also, if you don't want to talk to me, why do you keep on emailing back? Fucking "animal care," I do remember that. Makes me wonder how many animals you've killed today. Hmm...

BTW, why are you even bothering when I'm not even going to post as stoogegirl. Yeah, I posted as that, but not as someonehere. Also, why don't you just drop that shit. It was a long time ago. God, I was bleeding. You know I tried to hang myself on the stair railing after I posted that. Shit, though you can't post this, because I'll mention that I knew you had Jim as a boyfriend. Do you know how many people think of you as stupid?

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