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2002-12-10 - 2:50 p.m.
Ok, so I didn't end up watching the Billboard music awards. Instead I stayed on and chatted with Karen on MSN. Her ex Gerry is acting like a total asshole. He doesn't seem to get the concept that he's her EX. He always mentions to her that they will get married.


Last night Karen had enough of it and told me to email him and tell him off. So I did. I hate the guy so much. It was really fun.

Here's the reply I got from him:


I have not even talked to karen in a long time sorry but you are

talking to

a taken man, so why dont you take your self some where else, because i


not asked her out, and she is the one who emailed me and asked me to go


her X-mass party, Sorry, but i have a great Girl friend and i am not

interested, has she not wondered why i dont email her, and why i have



So go bug some on who cares Milissa, because i dont

haha too funny. After I logged off last night I decided to turn on the awards and right at that moment STEVEN TYLER was presenting an award to Cher. *sigh* Steven Tyler is yummy. Then later on a bunch of artists were doing a Run DMC tribute thing and Steven Tyler and Joe Perry sang Walk This Way!

I also got my paycheck today. Yippee.

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