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2002-12-05 - 11:51 a.m.
Ughhhh! I am so sick! Last night I went to school feeling completely fine and then right in the middle of class I had to run to the bathroom. It was so gross. I must have the flu or something. I'm just glad nobody else was in the bathroom when I was sick.

Then last night I was sick like 6 more times. I didn't get ANY sleep. Obviously I didn't go to work today. I tried to get something into my stomach. Here's what I ate today.

For breakfast I had a piece of dry toast and for lunch I had a few mouthfuls of chicken noodle soup and a couple sips of apple juice. (It didn't agree with me so I made yet another trip to the bathroom) I HATE being sick! I feel so horrible right now. I'm gonna log off so I can try and get some sleep.

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