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2002-12-01 - 5:06 p.m.
I'm so tired! Today was so busy! I met Karen at the Georgian mall at 10:00. We walked around for a bit, and ate lunch at 10:30 cuz neither of us ate breakfast. We both went to New York Fries, and I hate something called "The Works" which was fries with chili, bacon, cheese and cream cheese on top. YUMMY!

After that we went to the Kozlov Mall and looked around in Zellers. Then we went to the Bayfield mall where the movie was playing. We went to the dollar store and bought some snacks to take into the theater with us.

We almost didn't get into the movie cuz the idiot working there wouldn't let us bring in outside snacks. He told us we had to leave them in the ticket booth. So we went out of the theater and shoved all the snacks we bought, into my purse. I had to put my pop in my pants. LMAO! We told the guy we got rid of the snacks and we went back in. haha! Serves the idiot right! We've been bringing our snacks to the theater for a long time now and nobody has ever said anything before.

Anyway, Eight Crazy Nights was SO funny! I also bought the soundtrack for the movie today.

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