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2002-11-28 - 8:50 a.m.
Wowwie, last night I presented my canine distemper project to the class. I decided I wanted to be the last person to present their project. I was reaaaaally nervous!! I hate standing up in front of people and talking. Oh! I also got my test back last night! I got 20 out of 25! Yay me!! That's pretty good since I studied for only half an hour. LMAO. I'm almost finished the course. Two more classes and then thats it.

Ouch! My pants are really tight. I need to stop eating junk food. I can't help that I like sweet things! *sigh*

Well, Survivor is on tonight. So yay.

I have to call Karen tonight to see if we're still on for Sunday. We're supposed to see Eight Crazy Nights. But it's not advertised in the paper! It came out yesterday. When I saw Harry Potter, it said on the sign it was coming out.

Oh yeah, and yesterday I got an email from Shannon. She didn't mention anything about the package she sent me, which is good. But I didn't bother replying to her anyway.

I just realized something!! This is my 500th entry!!!! Neat!!!!

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