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2002-11-19 - 4:08 p.m.
I'm hunnnnngry! Last night I had my class. It was fun! We got to use needles. The teacher put is in groups. I was with Tanya and Gail, they're both really nice. Anyway the teacher gave us oranges because I guess the outside is like human skin. We got to inject the orange with water. It was interesting!

Today I finished my project for my class (it was due yesterday) eeek! Oh well, Gail didn't finished hers either. lol! But she gave us ANOTHER project to do. It's an oral assignment. We had to choose a disease and find out all about it. I chose canine distemper.

The Osbournes is FINISHED :( They aired the season finale last week. What am I gonna dooooooo? Actually tonight on MuchMoreMusic there are a few Ozzy specials. At 9:00 I think there's a Bio on him and at ten there's a fan club thing on. Maybe it's the other way around......oh well. They're both on tonight.

I got my flu shot yesterday, and now my arm is hurting.

Also, very sad news. Actor James Coburn died of a heart attack today.

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