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2002-11-12 - 2:51 p.m.
Ugh! Shannon has finally lost it. If you read my diary you'll know that Shannon is my best friend. She is also a Jesus-freak (sorry for that term), and is going to some college in Alberta that has to do with her church.

Anyway, today I received a package from her. Upon opening it, a booklet called For The Strength of Youth Fulfilling Our Duty To God, The Book of Moron, and a letter. What the?! Here's exactly what the letter says. You can decide for yourselves what to make of it all.

Dear Melissa

I've been thinking about a lot of different things lately. We've been friends, it seems like forever, and I wanted to tell you about a part of me that I haven't really shared with you before. You know how you think I'm a little weird sometimes, "always going to church," as you may put it. My standards for life and things like movies are a lot different then most peoples. Well there's a reason for all this. It is hard to explain but, I have found something in my life greater than anything else in the world. It fills me with joy and lifts me up when things are down. It's called the gospel of Jesus Christ. In this package I have given you a little book called, FOR THE STRENGTH OF YOUTH. This book has helped me to live the standards that would help me return to my Heavenly Father one day. It helped me stay away from bad situations as I try to become a kind and righteous person. This book might explain a lot about the way I try to be and act. I know this may sound a bit weird and 'out of the blue' that I'm telling you this, but I think it's your right to know. I want to share with you something that can help you with any situation and can give you everlasting joy and peace in this life. The other book, called THE BOOK OF MORMON, is a true witness that Jesus did come to this earth many years ago and died on the cross that we might be saved. THE BOOK OF MORMON with the BIBLE is the corner stone or foundation of my church, The Church of JESUS CHRIST or LATTER DAY SAINTS. I know how you love to read and so I thought that you would like this one. This book, I would have to say, is my all time favorite. It may be a little hard to understand at first, but as you truly study it and apply the teaching to your own life, wonderful changes will occur in your heart and in your life. Everything with make a little more sense and become a whole lot clearer. YADDA YADDA YADDA. The rest of the letter is boring. She goes on about the background of the book. BLAH BLAH BLAH! She's TOTALLY brainwashed! I honestly don't know what to think of her anymore. I live my life the WAY I WANT. I do NOT believe in any of that stuff. I'm sorry but its true. She has been completely brainwashed by her church. I was considering throwing all that stuff away. But I can't in case Shannon comes and wants to see it. I'm not going to read it. Sheesh! Sorry this has got me a rattled. I'm not sure if I wanna reply back to her. She's gotten too weird for me..... HELP PEOPLE!!

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