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2002-10-29 - 6:42 p.m.
Yahoo! It's Tuesday and that means The Osbournes is on tonight!!

I have some disturbing news, which I hope turns out to be nothing. When my mom and I were visting my grandma and grandpa, my aunt was telling my mom about something she saw on my grandpa's head, a lump or something. My aunt thinks it might be melanoma, which is skin cancer. So she wants my grandpa to go to the doctor. My grandpa made an appointment to see the doctor. I really hope that he'll be ok. I guess my aunt told my mom this in an email today. And apparently, my grandma the crabby bitch, told my grandpa there was nothing wrong with him. Oh god, I really hope my grandpa will be ok. When I hear anything else, I'll update on what's going on.

I watched Ghost World last night, it's a really good movie! Steve Buscemi....whoo hoo!

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