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2002-10-28 - 4:17 p.m.
So, last night I got a call from Andrea wanting to know if I wanted to watch a movie. I was surprised since we don't usually do anything unless she's visiting Chris. Apparently Chris lied to her, saying he had to work. I said sure, and Andrea came over at 6:00. By then Chris had bolted out the door. Geez. Anyway, Andrea and I set up my DVD player and then watched Mr. Deeds.

Also, awhile back I downloaded the movie Master of Disguise and burned the first part of it onto a CD. Well last night I decided to see if it actually worked with my DVD player, and guess what? It did! Awesome!!! I should burn the 2nd half sometime this week.

Hmm what else? Oh yeah, I bought the movie Ghost World today. I haven't watched it yet, but I heard it was very good. Also I got my paycheck from work today. I was supposed to get it Friday but my boss had gone somewhere. This time my paycheck was $185.44

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