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2002-10-20 - 11:36 a.m.
Yeahhhh so I'm back from my grandmas. We got home at about 11pm. Yesterday I got up at 6:30am, and we went to Applebees for breakfast at 7am. We arrived at my grandmas at 9:00. As soon as we got there, we went back out again because we went to this HUGE mall in Mississauga called Square One. It was only me, my mom, and my aunt. My grandma didn't go because she claims to have bad hips and wouldn't last an hour at that mall. Well, we did a hell of a lot more walking in Cancun and she didn't complain ONCE. So there.

Anyway, there were SO many stores in that mall! There was one store that had only movies!! It was awesome! And there was this other store that sold only calendars! I bought my brothers Christmas presents at the mall. I bought him the movie Blade 2 and an Ozzy Osbourne calendar. I bought a few movies for myself yesterday. I bought The Mothman Prophecies, Insomnia, and Strike. We ate lunch at the mall, and I had a philly cheese steak. We didn't get back to my grandmas house until 3:30! So, we had pizza for supper and left for the bingo at 6:00.

I WON!!!!!! I won $255 at the bingo last night! My grandma had a bitch attack. Honestly, that woman is the most crabby person I've ever known. She CANNOT take a joke. Ok, I barely did ANYTHING to set her off. During the break between games I went up to the snack counter and bought some chocolate. I offered some to her and she said no thanks. So as a joke I said "I wasn't going to give some to you anyway" and my grandma goes off and says to me, "I don't know why you've been so nasty to me lately!" My mom and my aunt KNEW I was joking and told her that. But my grandma was like "Well, I don't think she is!" And didn't talk to me for the rest of the night. Who cares! But after what she said about me being so nasty I started laughing, because I was thinking about the way she acted in Cancun. I almost told her about that but decided to keep my mouth shut.

Well I guess I better go and have some lunch.

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