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2002-10-17 - 5:20 p.m.
I'm back! Work was easy this morning. I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday! Saturday mom and I are going to Milton to visit my grandma, grandpa and aunt. We're going out for breakfast and then going down to Milton. We're supposed to be going to this mall called Erin Mills or something. We're doing Christmas shopping. Then we're going to bingo after supper. YAY!

Sheesh! Ok, this morning my mom was looking in the Leons flyer. She saw this 24" flat screen TV that was on sale for $599 and it came with a FREE DVD player. Mom thought I should get it cuz I watch TV alot. I wanted it, but I wasn't really sure. Well later on, my mom came to pick me up from work and we started talking about it. And I was like, "Well I don't really know if I want it." I'm just worried about space in my room. Anyway, after I said that mom was like, "Well, sure you do." and I was like "Why?" and she was like, "Because I already bought it for you!"

Arrgh! Now I have to go to the bank tomorrow to get $300 out so I can pay for it, and pay the rest in installments! I don't want to rearrange my room to try and fit a 24" flat screen TV. Now we're gonna have 3 DVD players in the house. My parents bought one for them, and my brother bought one for himself last Christmas when WalMart had them on sale. The stupid thing is coming on Tuesday. Mom was like "Well we can move your movies into your closet." Blah blah blah. I DON'T WANT THEM IN THE CLOSET! My movie cases are RIGHT THERE beside my bed so that I can just choose one. NOW I would have to go into my closet to get one to watch.

Speaking of movies, I just bought the movie Sorority Boys yesterday. It's really funny. Survivor is on tonight! So is Scrubs! I HAVE to watch Will and Grace tonight! Last weeks episode was good. Will and Grace were trying to have a baby, but Grace had met this guy and went out with him. Then Grace wasn't sure if she wanted the baby. Will found out about her boyfriend when he was returning a gift Will had bought her. (He was in the store returning the gift she bought him) Anyway, back at their apartment Will and Grace were fighting over the baby thing, and it ended with Will kicking Grace out of the apartment.

I can't wait to see the conclusion tonight! I talk too much....more tomorrow.

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