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2002-10-07 - 3:53 p.m.
Wheeeee I almost forgot to update today! Where should I begin?? HAHA! Chris had his wisdom teeth taken out today! Hmmm...well lets start with Shannon's party. It was very....interesting. I felt VERY out of place there because all of the people there were church friends. I met this one girl named Penny who felt as out of place as I did. So I mostly chatted with her for most of the night.

But there was this one girl who was SUCH a snob! I think her name was Cynthia. I'm not sure if I mentioned her before, but Shannon invited me to go to her birthday party. Anyway, she acted like such a snob!! First of all, she was handing out these flower things that go on your wrist. Like a corsage. Anyway, I was wearing mine, and Penny commented on it. Anyway, Cynthia was like "They're MINE, and I want them back!" I just gave her a dirty look. I was so tempted to tell her to shut the fuck up.

THEN later on, when Shannon was opening her presents Cynthia was holding onto the one I had bought for Shannon. She was shaking it and trying to pull the card off. So I told her not to, because it would rip the wrapping paper off.

Shannons dad had to go to the hospital because he was having a kidney stone attack.

Hmmm.....Oh yeah, Saturday was the season premiere of Saturday Night Live. I had to tape it cuz of the party. But after watching it, I wasn't really impressed with it. It was kinda boring. It's not the same now that Will Ferrell and Ana Gasteyer are gone.

Yesterday I went to the humane society cuz I'm a volunteer. I walk the dogs. It was really fun! Also, last night I watched Alias. It was AWESOME! It's so shitty and cold today!

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