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2002-10-03 - 2:48 p.m.
*Yawwwwwn* Well today was alot easier at work. Everything went perfectly, EXCEPT for the JELLO. First off, the bowl I used had a crack in it, and I didn't notice it until I had already made the jello. I was wondering where all the jello had come from. It was ALL OVER. On the walls, and on the counter. I spilled some when I was trying to get the bowl outta the freezer. So I had to clean that up. So I had to switch bowls. I managed to keep the jello off myself which is good. Actually I didn't get anything on me today.

After work, I went over to the little video store and bought ANOTHER movie. Saturday Night Live Presidential Bash, and YES this one has Dana in it too.

Yay! Survivor is on tonight!! I HAVE to remember to tape Scrubs! We went to pick Chris up from his co-op at a record store called Big Johns. I bought an Aerosmith poster and an Aerosmith tape.

I'll be going to the movies with Karen tomorrow night. Once again we're doin the thing where I'm gonna get set up. Karen told me that the guy I'm being set up with actually wants to meet me. COOL.

I must shower....

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