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2002-10-02 - 9:40 a.m.
hehe! I had someone sign my guestbook asking why I picked the "Garth guy" as my layout. There is a very simple explanation to that. I'm OBSESSED with Dana Carvey, and therefore I thought it would be fitting if I had a Dana Carvey layout.

I mean come on! It's DANA CARVEY! Look at the picture I chose for my layout! HE'S SO HOTTTTTTT!! He's hilarious, and he's a pretty good actor. lmao. Anyway...I watched The Osbournes last night. VERY funny stuff. Their neighbors were playing music so they started throwing food and stuff at them!

That 70's Show was a repeat, and Grounded For Life wasn't even on! But I DID watch Hidden Hills and Less Than Perfect last night. Ughhhh today at work I have to make tuna casseroll for the kids.

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