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2002-09-30 - 6:19 p.m.
Yay, I survived my second day of work! Good for me. Today I made kraft dinner, veggies, and sandwiches for the kids. This really cute kid kept asking me what my name was. It was really funny, cuz I'd tell him and then when I came back 10 minutes later he'd go "What's your naaaaame?" Then when I was leaving he was like "Bye Melissa!" Awwwwwww!

Last night was the season premiere of Alias. It was awesome. Sydney's mom turned out to be "The Man", and said she should have killed her when she was born and then shoots Sydney.

Sydney and her father had to tell Will about what they really do, cuz Will got the shit just kicked outta him. Jack ensures Will's safety by drugging him and placed him at the scene of a drug bust. Under media scrutiny, Will claimed his story about SD-6 is a lie. His reputation is ruined, but his life is saved.

It was AWESOMEEEEEEE. *sigh* Everything is crapping out on us here. Saturday I mentioned that the truck had overheated, and NOW the microwave has stopped working! It's making this funny noise, and it's not heating anything up. We had to use Laurie's microwave that we got her for Christmas last year. She forgot to take it home last Christmas.

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