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2002-09-25 - 10:40 a.m.
I bet you're all wondering how last night went? Well LAST NIGHT NEVER HAPPENED! Arrgh! I got downtown at 3:00, Karen wasn't supposed to be there until almost 5:00. So I walked around, and went into the shops.

Well 5:00 rolled around, Karen got off the bus and told me that the one girl went home sick, and the others didn't feel like going! WHAT THE HELL?! I waited downtown all that time, just to find out that nobody was going. So I went to the mall with Karen. BORING. I suggested going to a movie, so we walked to the other mall. THEN Karen made excuses that she wouldn't get home in time. "After 7:00 the buses only run on the hour....." So we stood there for 5 MINUTES not doing anything. I was like, "well we can't just STAND here! What do you want to do?" She didn't know. So we took the bus to the terminal, and I went home. What a waste! I was home before 8:00!

I was able to watch That 70's Show, Grounded For Life, and The Osbournes. On That 70's Show, Donna's dad decided to enroll her in a catholic school, and Donna, Eric and Fez found out about Jackie and Hyde.

AH! Remember the interview I had at that daycare this morning? Well......I GOT THE JOB! Holy crap! I start THIS Friday! The woman who interviewed me was like, "When would you be able to start?" So I said "Immediately" and she was like, "Ok, you start Friday!" Whoa! It should be easy, all I have to do is prepare the kids meals. I work Monday to Friday from 11 till 2. I checked the place out today, and there's only about 5 or 6 kids there! SWEET! I gotta go to the humane society tonight for that volunteer orientation thing.

I also bought 3 new Stephen King books, on my boring adventure downtown. The Running Man, 'Salems Lot, and Firestarter.

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