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2002-09-24 - 11:22 a.m.
Whoo hoo! I'm going to the movies tonight, and I'm getting set up with a guy! Chances are, the guy will hate me. Ugh! Last night I watched the season premiere of Fear Factor! It was a special celebrity edition! They didn't have to eat anything either. Barry Williams was on it, and so was Natasha Henstridge, Gena Lee Nolin, Penn and Teller, and some more I can't remember.

It was funny. Penn and Teller almost won! Gena Lee Nolin was eliminated in the second round, but had a chance to stay IF she ate a hissing cockroach. But she didn't. Teller did it for fun! He just reached into the jar and popped it in his mouth! lmao!

I have a job interview tomorrow at a daycare! Eek!

Shit! I just realized I won't be home tonight to watch The Osbournes! So NOW I have to tape That 70's Show, Grounded For Life, The Osbournes, and The Holmes Show.

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