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2002-09-08 - 11:14 a.m.
Whoops! I forgot to update on Friday!! Bad me! Oh well, nothing happened anyway. We went to the cottage on the weekend. Andrea came with us. Chris had to work so he stayed home. It was really fun. There aren't going to be very many more weekends where we can go up there. It's starting to get cold. I'm trying to get a hold of Karen today cuz we're supposed to go to the movies to see SwimFan. Recently I've been thinking ALOT about Richard. My best friend since Kindergarden. I've had a crush on him forvever, but I've never told him. I haven't talked to him all summer. He hasn't been on MSN Messenger. I keep meaning to call him, but I guess it just slips my mind. I miss talking to him.

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