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2002-09-02 - 10:08 a.m.
Wow! What a night last night! We went to my grandparents house for supper which was cool. My cousin and her boyfriend live in their basement apartment, so I went down to say hello. They asked me, Chris and Andrea if we wanted to go to the drive-in with them! It was the dusk-till-dawn thing because it was the last day of summer. Chris and Andrea couldn't go, so I went with them. It was awesome! We went to the first screen. The first screen had: Triple X, Master of Disguise, Panic Room, and Mr. Deeds. So we watched those movies. Although, by the end of Panic Room we were all tired so we decided to leave. It's ok, I've seen Mr. Deeds anyway.

Triple X was good! Lots of action (and Vin Diesel) haha. Master of Disguise? Well by now you should all know how I feel about it. It was my third time seeing it. Panic Room was great too. But it seemed to drag on forever. By the time I got home it was 2:30. I didn't fall asleep at all! I stayed up cuz I wanted to see Master of Disguise again. I didn't get very much sleep, thanks to a certain cat who decided to jump up on my bed and sit on my back.

I'm supposed to be going to the movies tomorrow with Karen. I need to call her, but I think she's in Ottawa today helping her sister move her stuff into the college. I'll try later tonight.

You know what? I've seen Master of Disguise three times already, I've almost got it memorized. haha!

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