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2002-09-01 - 11:29 a.m.
We just got back from the cottage an hour ago. It was such a nice weekend, I'm so glad. Tonight, we're going to my grandma and grandpas house for supper. I also got an email from my good friend Mary-Rose, who is at college right now! Here's what it says:

Hey Melissa! Howz it goin??? I am just finishing my first week of


Wow-ee. These are my classes: editing(which is grammar) keyboarding,


office administration, human relations, computer concepts and

Intoduction to

Microsoft Word! They are all really easy so far and a lot of fun


It's been a little lonely at my house in residence, my housemates are


in this weekend. I can't wait to meet them. I'm coming home today and


come back Sunday morning, there are residence games and Frosh week


Most peope are pretty nice around here but then there are those that


wish weren't here...annoying people, loud people, those who think they


better than everyone else, you get the picture!

Anywayz it's lunch time now and I'm hungry and I gotta pee ;) I should


the internet up and running in my room next week hopefully so I'll talk

to u

then hopefully!!! Ciao!


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