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2002-08-25 - 11:41 a.m.
WHOAAA! Ok, I have a great story to tell you guys!! First off we just got home from the cottage.

Alright, on Thursday night we went to the David Usher concert at Georgian Downs racetrack and casino. We went into the casino and played the slot machines. I've decided never to do that again. LOL! Horrible! I wasted $35 and never won a thing. :( We did that for a half an hour, and then at around 6:45 we went out to the tent to wait to get inside. The concert didn't start until 8:00 but whatever. We waited awhile.

I started to bleed. lol! This is horrible, I have no idea how I started bleeding. It was cold, and I was rubbing my arms to warm up and then a few second later I felt something running down my arm. I looked down and my arm was gushing blood! My shirt sleeve was soaked right through, there was blood on my purse. Oh man, it was gross. The only thing I could figure out was that there was a mole on my arm and I guess I disturbed it.

Hmmm anyway....back to the story. They let us go in around 7:30. The guy handed us something and was like, "follow me" so we followed him and we went into the tent, and out the back and into another tent. I stopped in my tracks, because right in front of me was DAVID USHER! I was like "Ohmigod!" I guess the V.I.P people didn't show up so WE got to go back and meet him! HAHA LOSERS! It was SO COOL!! Although he's alot skinnier and shorter in person. I was like "Hi!!" and he was like "Hello" and smiled. He signed our tickets, and I was like "Thank you!!" and he smiled at me!! AHHH!!!! HE TALKED TO ME!!!!!! I'm so happy!!!! I've finally met someone famous!! The concert started at 8:00 and it was awesome! It was funny too because a guy jumped on stage and had to be pulled off by security! David was like, "He said something, I think it was 'I peed my pants'" LOL! THEN he was like "I have a question for you guys, would you like to hear some Ozzy?" Then he started singing "Get the Party Started" by Pink!!

OMG IT WAS SO FUNNNNN!!! Hmmm...Oh yeah, Friday was the funeral for my great grandma.

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