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2002-08-21 - 2:37 p.m.
Ok, so I THINK I've calmed down a bit. Last night I saw Master of Disguise again with Shannon. She really liked it. I also found out that there were bloopers at the end, so BONUS. Also, Dana Carvey was on Jay Leno last night so I taped that. And DJ Qualls was on Conan O'Brien. Hmmmm....oh yeah. On Monday night we took the animals to the vet to get their regular check up. We had the cats in their kennel cabs and the dog rode with me in the back seat. Buddy and Fluffy were meowing all the way there.

All the animals are healthy by the way. They had to get shots, so my dog Sheena is really sore. I think my cat Fluffy went mental from the shots.

hehe. On the way home, she pissed herself. She hid for about 10 minutes, came down and wouldn't stop meowing for the rest of the night.

I think I'm calmed down.........

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