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2002-08-16 - 11:06 a.m.
Ok, so we're going to the cottage this weekend. Last night we visited my moms best friend Sherry. She just had surgery on her knees. So we went over to see how she was doing. Earlier in the day, mom and I went to the mall to get her a gift. We got her a ceramic cat. She really liked it.

I FINALLY got a hold of MY best friend last night. Shannon has been SO busy. She's going away to college in a few weeks. So I suggested that we do something before she leaves. So we decided on the movies. I gotta explain to you guys something about Shannon. She goes to church and she's really into it. She doesn't watch movies that have ANY swearing in them, or sex, or even KISSING.

The only movies she likes are Disney movies. It gets VERY annoying sometimes. We were trying to decide which movie to see, so I read her all the movies that were playing. I decided to let HER choose, and she was like "Well here are my top 3, Lilo and Stitch, Stuart Little 2, and Master of Disguise." She also suggested Crocodile Hunter. Then she said "Well those are my choices, so you can pick from them." So you know what? I didn't want to see ANY of those. So I saw, "Well I've already seen Master of Disguise, but I don't mind seeing it again." So she was like, "Is it appropriate?" ARRGH! It really gets on my nerves when she does that. I mean come on! *sigh* so we're going to see MoD. I'm not complaining cuz I loved it!

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