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2002-08-14 - 12:03 p.m.
Yahoo! So last night Karen and I saw Mr. Deeds. It was hilarious! Karen met me at the tables shortly after 5:00(her bus was late), and then we walked across the street to have supper at Taco Bell. When we were finished supper, we went back to the mall and bought a bunch of snacks at the dollar store. haha. Ohhh....remember in yesterdays entry where I said I wanted to go to Sunrise Records so I could look for Wayne's World, and Wayne's World 2? Well, guess what? I found Wayne's World 2! Yay! So I bought it! I just finished watching it.

Anyway, the movie was great. But I think I ate waaay too much. At Taco Bell I had the #4 combo, which is 2 chili cheese burritos, fries and a drink. THEN when we were at the dollar store I bought 3 chocolate bars, and a vanilla coke. After the movie, I called my brother to come pick us up. We drove Karen home, and after that Chris and Andrea decided to go out for pizza. I said I wasn't gonna have any, but I ended up getting a slice because they had coupons for a free slice. I felt like such a pig! Blaaaaah!

So anyway, I was talking to Karen and she was gonna talk to Chris L, about setting me up with one of his friends. Then a bunch of us will go to the drive in or something. But Karen is supposed to call me once she talks to Chris.

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