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2002-08-07 - 11:09 a.m.
Ok, last night was interesting. Chris and I left at 6:30 to pick up his friend Corey. We got to the mall shortly before 7:00. So I got the tickets. I was paying for the three of us. It only $12 something. So we went to the theater our movie was playing in, and a guy who works there was like "Uh, excuse me but we need to clean in here for you so can you please get out?" He was very rude! So we were standing by the doors in front of the theater for Stuart Little 2, and people kept coming up to us asking if the movie had started. Like WE knew, we weren't even seeing that. So after these two girls came up and asked us the same thing, Corey was like "What do I look like, someone who works here?"

So anyway, they let us in our theater and we had almost a half an hour to wait. The floors were sticky and they were still dirty, which makes me wonder what their idea of cleaning is. I was like "Some cleaning job!" So anyway, we were talking before the movie started, and Corey was telling me this story about when him and my brother almost got kicked out the movie Cast Away. They went to see Cast Away and my brother was eating popcorn, and it was at a really serious part of the movie and everyone was quiet, when all of a sudden Chris choked on some popcorn. Corey told me that they both started to laugh, and people were telling them to shut up. LOL.

Anyway, Master of Disguise was pretty good. Not as good as I thought it would be, but it was still pretty funny. In the commercial they showed Dana Carvey with a bunch of disguises, and in the movie they only used about half. But they had the Turtle Guy which was the funniest. Dana Carvey was so adorably cute in the movie. I think I have a crush on him now. LOL!! He plays Pistachio Disguisey. My other favorite disguise in the movie was Gammy Num-Nums.

The movie ended shortly after 9:00. None of us really wanted to go home then, so we drove around. Corey kept yelling out the window at people. Every time we'd pass someone he'd let out this huge laugh or ask them if they wanted weinerschnitzel. Did I mention Corey was strange? Anyway, we stopped off at the plaza so he could buy a phonecard. I bought an Entertainment Weekly Magazine, and the only reason I bought it was because of American Idol on the cover.

Speaking of American Idol, I had to tape it last night. I watched it as soon as I got home. Justin was really good this week! He's definately staying! The only people who supposedly gave bad performances were Nikki and RJ. The one judge Simon Cowell is really mean sometimes. I LIKED Nikki's performance. I can't wait to see who gets voted off tonight.

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