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2002-07-29 - 5:18 p.m.
YIPPEEEEE I'm back!!!!! Hey everyone! I'm back from Cancun! I had a great time! It was so hot! I have so much to tell everyone, I just can't keep it all in order. Well let me just start off by saying.....I HATE AIRPLANES! The reason for this is because yesterday when we were supposed to go home, our flight was delayed FOUR HOURS!! Yeah! Aggh! The flight on the way there was alright. No delays. My aunt had a bit of bad luck. When we arrived in Cancun and went to get our luggage, we saw that my aunts suitcase was all ruined! It must have gotten caught or dragged cuz there were holes in it and the metal was all bent. Two of her bras and a pair of her dresspants were ruined. her camera was also smashed.

It was REALLY hot in Cancun. The place where we stayed was so nice! I kept stealing the little shampoos and conditioners from our room. HAHA! I did ALOT of swimming in the ocean! Almost every day! We didn't do alot. Mostly went to the mall across the street and to the fleamarket. I bought lots of souvenirs. Hmm....on the way there the movie we watched was Crossroads. IT WAS SO DUMB!!!! Then on the way back, we watched I Am Sam which was really good! Kinda sad.

My grandma was in a snit. She got pissed off for NO reason whatsoever! One day when we got back from swimming she said to my aunt that my aunt had a bad sunburn. Then all my aunt did was say that it was from the day BEFORE. My grandma got pissed and stormed out. I was like "What the hell?!" My grandma didn't come back to the room for the whole day. She didn't even talk to us. I felt like slapping her and telling her to grow the fuck up. She snapped at ME for no reason! Joan asked if she was gonna come with us to get something to eat, and my grandma was like "No." So I asked her why not, and she was like "I'm just not hungry, alright?!" Geez! I hated my grandma at that moment. I am NEVER going on vacation with her again. I got along with Joan great. Hmmm.....I feel like I'm forgetting alot. Ohh, before I left I bought 4 new movies! Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Saving Silverman, The Glass House and The Majestic. All previously viewed from Blockbuster :) When I bought them, the only one which I had seen before was Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. I saved all the movies until I got home. SO I watched Saving Silverman today, and it was the funniest movie I've ever seen!! Hmmm I guess thats all for now. If I think of anything else I'll update again. :)

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