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2002-07-17 - 3:35 p.m.
ALRIGHT! Tomorrow I leave for my Cancun vacation!! We don't officially leave till Sunday. I'm so excited!!! Last night my brother and I went to the movies. We saw the new Halloween movie. Halloween: Resurrection. It was actually very good!! What confuses me though, is that Michael Myers got his head chopped off in the last movie (H20) and yet he's STILL alive! Considering whats happened to him in all the other movies, he should have died a LONG time ago! lol! I just know there's gonna be another one! He didn't die in the new one! At the end he was taken to the morgue, and the movie ends with him opening his eyes! Ooops! If anyone is reading this, and hasn't seen it yet I'm sorry for ruining it for you. But I REALLY liked it.

We went to see it last night, cuz I had promised my brother 2 years ago that I'd take him to see it when it finally came out. I LOVE horror movies! Eeee!!!!! I'm so excited!!!! I can't wait for tomorrow! I'm also doing something with Shannon tonight, I had forgotten about that. Oh well, this will be my last entry until I come back!! Bye everyone!!!!! Check THAT out! FINALLY someone made a ring dedicated to all Melissa's out there! Yeahhhhh! It's about time we were recognized! Also I watched American Idol last night! I can't wait to find out who makes it!!! I hope Justin makes it. He's been my favorite since the beginning. HAHA! Everyone booed Simon last night. Check this out! I just joined an American Idol diaryring!

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