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2002-06-27 - 5:31 p.m.
Hello people! I am in PAIN! Ugh! I started my period yesterday, and for some reason I have this terrible pain in my left side. I think I might have to go to the doctors if it keeps up. Oh the joys of being a girl. lol! Let me just say this. Next week we're going to be going up to the cottage, and staying for a week. AND THEN four days after we get back, I'll be going to CANCUN!!!! Well, I don't go to Cancun until the 21st, but I'm going down to my grandmas and staying the extra few days there until we leave. Yay!

I found out that my uncle is in the hospital. He's been in pain since he had the surgery on his heart. He's had 2 heart attacks. The doctors are giving him pills, but they don't help. So my uncle went to the hospital to have a stress test done. The had him on the treadmill, and he passed out! They caught him so he didn't get hurt. But now they are keeping him in the hospital. When he goes two full days without ANY pain he can leave. That could be a LONG time though. I hope my uncle gets out soon......

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