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2002-06-18 - 6:05 p.m.
I was bored so last night I rented a movie. I rented "Wet Hot American Summer" It was HILARIOUS! Here's what its about:

Set on the last day of camp, in the hot summer of 1981, "Wet Hot American Summer" follows a group of counselors who are each trying to complete their unfinished business before the day ends. The entire summer of pent-up sexual frustrations, unresolved post-traumatic stress, pending separations and of course, the talent show, all weigh heavily on the minds and groins of counselors and campers alike.

At the center of the action is the camp director Beth (Janeane Garofalo) who must keep order while falling in love with local astrophysics expert, Associate Professor Neuman (David Hyde Pierce), who in turn is trying to save the camp from a deadly, falling piece of a NASA space station. Even with the aid of the dorkiest kids in camp, Neuman has precious little time to fall in love, avert disaster and finally gain tenure.

Far deeper than just 'falling,' Coop (Michael Showalter) has long been infatuated with the beautiful Katie (Marquerite Moreau). With sexy but dumb lifeguard Andy (Paul Rudd) in the equation, Katie has no time for a sensitive guy like Coop.

Over at arts & crafts, nine-year-old campers are comforting counselor Gail (Molly Shannon) as she deals with the pain of a recent divorce. Particularly comforting are the gentle hands of the prepubescent Aaron (Gideon Jacobs).

In the kitchen, Gene (Christopher Meloni) the camp chef, is facing his own darkest secrets-which proves just as painful to his assistant, counselor Gary (A.D. Miles).

Meanwhile, adventure counselor Victor (Ken Marino) abandons a group of young campers at the edge of a dangerous waterfall in favor of Abby (Marisa Ryan), the girl he loves. If only he knew that Abby has yet to meet a tongue she didn't like.

Campers trying to meet the expectations of drama counselor Susie (Amy Poehler) seem doomed to fail. Is it too much to ask for them to possess the talent to put on a professional Broadway production? Susie must look to her producer Ben (Bradley Cooper) if the big show is going to come together in the end.

McKinley (Michael Ian Black) struggles to fit in with his friends J.J. (Zak Orth) and Gary whose closest experience with sex has come in the form of camp voyeurism and the film "Klute."

Since this isn't a foreign film, everyone will find their answers at the big talent show at the end of the day.

Conceived by Michael Showalter and David Wain of MTV's cult sketch comedy group "The State," the film simultaneously embraces, parodies and subverts the 70s /80s summer camp genre, while putting forth a wholly new comic sensibility.

LOL!!! Tomorrow is gonna be busy. I'm going to that Job Connect thing in the morning, then I'm taking mom out to lunch. We have to go to Young Drivers to pick up some thing that my brother needs, and we need to go to the beer store.

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