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2002-06-12 - 12:02 p.m.
GRRRRR! Sorry about not updating yesterday, mom is a bitch. She's like "you're not allowed on the computer unless its to look at colleges" BLAH BLAH BLAH! Shut up! Anyway, Kings was VERY good. I ate too much though and I felt sick. We went to the mall after cuz Chris wanted to get a birthday present for his girlfriend. I bought the Spiderman soundtrack!! I like it, mom didn't. The only song she liked was the one Chad Kroeger from Nickelback and Josie Scott sang. It's called Hero. I also bought underwear and socks. hehe.

Wheeeeeeeee!!!!! My aunt came over this morning and returned my book that my uncle was borrowing. She handed me an envelope and I was like "Whats this?" so I opened it, and there was two tickets to Canada's Wonderland!! I didn't know why I was getting them. It's cuz I work at the bingo with my aunt. It's for Childrens Aid Society. I wanna go to Wonderland, but I don't like rollercoasters. But there's also a water park there. So it's cool. I wanna take Karen, but mom suggested I give the other ticket to dad for fathers day since I'm running out of money in my bank account! Holy crap! Well I had $450 in there after I took out the money to pay for my trip. I spent about $50 on the underwear, socks and soundtrack. I gotta pay my dad $40 for rent and my moms b-day present. AND my stupid cell phone bill came is and it's $50!! WHAT THE HELL?!

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