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2002-05-18 - 7:53 p.m.
Man, better do this before my time runs out. Mom is being a total bitch and is only letting me on the computer for an hour. Of course they were away most of the day, so I was on, on and off. haha. We went out for supper at this new restaurant in the mall called The Mongolian Bar and Grill. It's AWESOME! What you do is, you go up to the bar where they have different things. You take a bowl and fill it up with whatever you want, and take it to the big grill where they cook it right in front of you! It was so awesome! REALLY good! And the beauty of it is you can go up for as much as you want! My brother Chris tricked me into eating calamari which is octopus or squid. I forget. He wouldn't tell me what it was until after I ate it. I was like, "what is this?" and he's like "You like it?" and I was like "Yeah its ok, WHAT is it." and he was like "Calamari" It WAS actually pretty good!

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