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2002-05-15 - 3:24 p.m.
*sigh* I'm feeling a bit better than I was earlier. I taped Scrubs and That 70's Show last night.

That 70's Show made me mad. Eric is in love with Donna again, but Donna is dating Kelso's brother Casey. Eric went over to Caseys house to tell him that. Casey told Donna he loved her, but Donna never said it back. Then after Donna left, Casey was like "They're just words, they don't mean anything" and Eric was like "If you make her cry, I'll kick your ass." Also, Kelso and Jackie broke up.

Scrubs was good too. It was the second half of the leukemia one. Dr. Cox didn't want to be there to see Ben get treatment cuz he was afraid for him. The ending made me happy cuz J.D said the treatment worked and Ben went into remission.

The next entry is gonna have tests! I haven't done them in awhile!

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