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2002-05-09 - 12:18 p.m.
I've been so busy working. I really haven't felt like writing anything here. I got paid last night!! $390!!! Yay! It's great having money! I can buy whatever I want! This weekend I'm planning on doing....NOTHING! And it's going to be great! NO WORK!! I've been taping all the shows I usually watch during the week. Last night I taped "Grounded For Life" I watched it this morning and it was so funny! Sean found a pregnancy test in the garbage and thought his daughter Lily was pregnant because she had been throwing up. It turned out that her and her boyfriend Dean got tatoos and hers got infected. The pregnancy test was Claudias!

Tuesday I taped That 70's Show and Scrubs. Scrubs was so sad! I almost cried! Brendan Fraser was on it! He played Dr. Cox's ex brother in law who comes to the hospital with a nail through his hand. LOL. Later on when they're at the bar playing pool, his hand was bleeding again so J.D ran tests to find out what was wrong. It turns out that Brendans character has leukemia. Awwwww. The episode was a "to be continued" The ending was sad cuz Dr. Cox and Brendan were playing cards and J.D came in and Dr. Cox was like "are those the test results?" and J.D was like "Yeah, you have leukemia" and Brendan was like, "That sucks." and J.D was like "Yeah." and the episode was over.

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