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2002-04-16 - 4:03 p.m.
Oh godddd it's too hot!! Right now the temperature here is almost in the 30s! I can't type cuz I feel so blah! Last night my cousin Amanda asked if I wanted to go with her to run some errands. So I said yeah. I needed to buy a pair of dress pants for my trip to Cancun. So we went to the mall and looked around, I bought these really cool pants! Yyyy. I'm too tired to type. But today we were supposed to go work out. We didn't. We went to the mall and shopped around. I bought this fucking awesome shirt at Wal-Mart and guess how much it cost? A DOLLAR! FUCK! I'm so tired now. I don't usually like shopping. I wish I could sleep, but I'm going back out with Amanda to go to the beach and walk around there.

Tomorrow I have a job interview at some factory! The woman lost my damn resume.

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