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2002-04-14 - 2:05 p.m.
I had the best day yesterday!! I had so much fun! My sister called me yesterday to wish me a happy birthday! I was so worried she would forget! Karen called me too! Shannon came over around 4:30. For my birthday she got me a stuffed cow and a pack of body spray. We went out for supper, which was really fun! Shannon and I couldn't stop laughing. There was something on the menu that said "blue bean bar" and for some reason we couldn't stop laughing about it. So all the way home we kept going "Blue bean bar!" "Red bean bar!" lmao!

I ate with chopsticks! THAT was frustrating! I DID ask for a fork but they never brought me one! Oh well. The meal was great! We both kept our chopsticks and Shannon kept poking me with hers! So on the way home we had a chopsticks war. (Ok, if you haven't noticed we're both really weird)

When we got home we had birthday cake. Which Shannon and I ate with chopsticks. Chris and his friend Kyle thought we were both weird. HAHA. Shannon didn't want her icing so she was like "Here!" and put it in my bowl! So by the time we were finished our cake I was so hyper! I guess we were a little bit too loud! Cuz mom was like, "Are you two going up stairs?" and I was like "No!" and mom was like "Well do you two think you can keep it down?" lol! So we went outside. We were beating each other up at the park! lol. It was so fun!

Oh! I almost forgot to mention. You know the concert I won tickets to? Well I'm not going now. I couldn't find anyone to go with so I'm giving the tickets to my sister for HER birthday. I called her this morning to tell her that and she was like, "Awwww thats so sweet! Thank you so much!"

Damn, this is a long entry!

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