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2002-04-03 - 12:28 p.m.
Last night I was really bored and I started calling people in my phone book. I called Shannon, but she was eating supper. Then I called Kristine and SHE was eating supper. Then I called Carolyn and SHE was at work. Called Ashley, she was watching a movie, and I called Felicia but she wasn't home.

I came across my friend Mary Rose. I hadn't called her in like 4 years so I decided to see if her number still worked. AND IT DID!! I knew Mary Rose when I used to go to Brownies and Guides. The awesome part was that she ACTUALLY remembered me!! She even remembered my birthday was coming up soon! She was like "Thats so awesome that you remembered me and decided to call!" lol. So we talked for about a half an hour.

Yeah so thats basically what I did last night. Plus I watched a few movies.
Let me just say...WOW. You have everything...war, old people, great bad the main character doesn't understand sex. Oh well.
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My world is based on one thing: LOVE.
My word revolves around my boyfriend who I'm in love with.
I love music and can be quite emo at times.
I'm always up for a good cry.

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