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2002-03-25 - 11:53 a.m.
Damn it! I didn't write yesterday because mom wouldn't let me on the computer!! Grrrrr!! Anyway, we went to nan and pa's for supper on Saturday. We had steak and yummy veggies. hehe. I, um....had a few drinks. lol. I asked my dad to make me one, and he did. So then my cousin came, and she made me this one drink that had orange juice and something else. It kinda tasted like orange pop. It was really good!! So she made me another one! I wasn't drunk though! hehe.

Anyway, I'm going with my cousin tonight to the YMCA to workout. Yesterday I was supposed to go to the movies with Karen to see Resident Evil. But that never happened. I called her yesterday around 10:00am, and her mom answered and said she was still sleeping. Apparently when she got up, she asked her mom if anyone called for her and her mom said NO! What the hell?! I was so mad!!

Oh my god! I'm so excited because my birthday is in 3 WEEKS!! I'm gonna be 19!! I totally forgot about my birthday being so soon!!

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