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2002-03-18 - 11:59 a.m.

You're Aoki Seiichirou!
You are one of a dying breed... a true gentleman (or gentlewoman, as the case may be). You tend to be a little disorganized and scatterbrained, but your heart is always in the right place. While you arenít always the one who gets the most attention, you are sweet, dependable, and extremely loyal to your loved ones. Your family and friends are very important to you, and you will go to any length to protect them.
Which Dragon of Heaven are you?
Quiz by Kerianne

I am Pichu

I'm cute, cuddly, and every one loves me. I'm very energetic would just play all day if I could. I don't like work of any kind, and will try to get out of it if I can. I like to have many friends around me.

What SSBM character are you?

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