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2002-03-03 - 2:42 p.m.

you have an ominosity quotient of


you are probably somewhat ominous. maybe.


find out your ominosity quotient.

Take the "How immature are you?" Test

created by sami

Which Weezer Song are You?

What time period are you a Beatle from?

What Beatles' song are you?

Hey, I smell something fishy here... oh my, its YOU! You
are "Not Macaroni and Cheese". Did you miss the point of
this completely!! You ain't cheesy! You ain't representin',
you ain't keeping it real!

Take the What Kind of Macaroni and Cheese Are You? Quiz

Created by LJ User RobProv222


See which Whose Line is it Anyway? cast member you are!

Which Rainbow Brite kid are you? By Growing.

Which of Key's favourite bands are you?

Not Very Gifted
Apparently, you were not a so-called "gifted child." It's just a label though, right?

test yourself at

my björk knowledge level is


I'll study the björk faq and then try again.

test yourself at

You are a tiny elephant who is very optimistic. You point your trunk toward the sky for good luck. You love frilly things, karaoke, and the color pink because it best suits your personality.

test yourself at

I am Corey!

You are Corey!

You are the fun loving html guru that stars in Life's So Rad. You have a great outlook on life, and do your darndest to stay positive. You're happy, and fun to be with, but have strongly held opinions -- and want everyone to know it!

Find out which Life's So Rad character YOU are.

Life's So Rad

You are most like Neville who died of ennui!

Created by Thren.
Which Gashlycrumb Tiny are you?

I took the Bust A Groove 2 character selector here!

Made by: Pixy Teri. Take it too!

I'm a BEE!


Take the What

Energy Drink are You? test Here!

created by amandakiddy

What era of Trent Reznor are you? Take the What Trent Are You? quiz to find out!

Quiz by !

Which 1980's Hair Band Are You?

Check it out, man! I wonder how evil you are...

i'm morgan!

Which Grunge Band Are You?

I am Timothy Bryce

Find out which American Psycho character you are

Take the BB-Daman Bakugaiden Chara Personality Test

Made By:

align="absmiddle" width="17">Wing Yun Man

Your head's full of bats and vampires, crosses and skulls. You aren't a goth, you just

get picked on a lot and are looking for some new friends. Look elsewhere.

Click here to take the GOTH test

You are the Sexy Horse Penis! You've had your share of women: Satan, Rachel, and Masha. However, that doesn't mean you're going to tire out anytime soon. Don't be afraid of commitment and you'll soon find a mare who's not afraid of your mighty stallion and the relationship you've always wanted to have!

What random object on Kat's wall are you?? Find out here!!!

By and !!

I'm Joey Tribbiani from Friends!
Take the Friends Quiz here.
created by stomps.

Take the Bear Quiz by Krysten

So, which ferret-type do you think that you are? Click here

to find out!!

Which Lion King Character Are You?
Created by CrazyCoasterCo.

Which "Saved By The Bell" Character Are You?

Go to Hard Bitter Candy for more Holeness.
You are Ellen!

Which Harvest Moon SNES character are you?

The Best Divination Technique For You Would Be...

Rune Stones are an ancient form of Scandinavian Wisdom and Divination. They are stepping stones that lead us to a new awareness. The symbols reveal the subconscious processes that are the foundation of what happens on the surface. When you choose a Rune Stone, you are choosing to understand something, which is often hidden. The symbol you choose brings forth information from the subconscious so that you make decisions in line with your own personal truth.

Find Out What Divination Technique Is Best For You!
This test created by Celtic_Shamanes

Click here to take the quiz!

I'm an asshole!
Do you post too many quizzes in your journal? brought to you by:

click to take the quiz made by loserinchains

Which Angelina Are You?
Which Winona Are You?
I Will Die of Natural Causes.
Your choice of life style has enabled you to live a nice long life.. To eventually die of a stroke, or was it a heart attack.. Either way you out lived just about anyone that gave a shit about you anyway.. Congrats
Find out how you will die, Take the Death Quiz now!
I am A Shit Brick .
The Shit brick is usually the kinda person that doesn't like doing much. Turning down a nice romp in the park to his or her favorite television show and a nice big Mac or a box of chicken nuggets. Though shit bricks have their anti social flaws, what they lack in social values they make up for in laziness... But I guess that isn't a good thing either way.. Ok, shit bricks are just lazy fucks...
What Kinda Shit Are You?

Take the Online BULLSHIT fucktard tests: How good are you in bed test by dr jo0lie

Say it loud: "I'm a pork-infesting parasite and I'm proud!"

Find out what YOUR inner non-sequitur is!

quiz by A.V. Phibes

Take the Which ALERT! are you? Quiz.

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