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2002-02-14 - 7:29 p.m.
melsalcanada: Hi!!

Evil Glorificus: Hey!

Evil Glorificus: happy vday :-D

melsalcanada: Thanks. hehe. How are you?

Evil Glorificus: im ok. how are you?

melsalcanada: I'm good I guess. Very bored.

Evil Glorificus: hehe, I see.

melsalcanada: Does your buddy icon say "die hobo"?

Evil Glorificus: yes. lol

melsalcanada: haha

Evil Glorificus: its not my fault theyrebums

melsalcanada: Where did you find it?

Evil Glorificus: i made it lol

melsalcanada: cool

melsalcanada: hehe

melsalcanada: Did mine change?

Evil Glorificus: here look i even have a banner made

Evil Glorificus: yorus is taz

Evil Glorificus wants to directly connect.

Evil Glorificus: now its some smiley thing.

melsalcanada: lol

Evil Glorificus: ew doesnt connect

Evil Glorificus: oh well

Evil Glorificus cancels request; no connection was


melsalcanada: awww

melsalcanada: brb my cat is done drinking. i gotta

shut off the tap

Evil Glorificus: you have a cat

Evil Glorificus: ?

melsalcanada: Yup

melsalcanada: hehe

melsalcanada: He's retarded. He only drinks from the

bathtub tap

Evil Glorificus: i had a little turtle. it died.

melsalcanada: awwww

melsalcanada: I'm sorry

Evil Glorificus: hehe its ok

melsalcanada: Do you still go to noahsmom?

Evil Glorificus: i did this week

Evil Glorificus: but it was pretty dead

melsalcanada: Yeah it is. lol. "Mr. B" is back. I

think it's a poser. I told him off in the chat. I

told him to shut up! lmao! If that really was him

I'm glad I said it

Evil Glorificus: if theyre back the only thing theyre

going to do is sell more stuff

Evil Glorificus: and make money

Evil Glorificus: greedy old people!

melsalcanada: lmao

Evil Glorificus: they are!

Evil Glorificus: its like theyre selling a tape of

noah's childhood for liek $7489320741280412

melsalcanada: But when I told him to shut up he was

like "are you talking to me?" and I was like "who

else would I be talking to?

Evil Glorificus: lol what did he say?

Evil Glorificus: its funny how i see people suck up to

them right when he made that post

melsalcanada: lmao yeah

Evil Glorificus: and what happened to the guy selling


melsalcanada: What guy?

Evil Glorificus: i dont know, it was some guy with a

clothing line

melsalcanada: I think that was Noahs brother

Evil Glorificus: I think it ran out of business, lol

melsalcanada: lmao yeah probably

Evil Glorificus: I miss the chaos at that place.


melsalcanada: yeah everyone was like "the bastian

suck" and all that. but as soon as "Mr. B" comes back

and posts everyone is like "we love you mr.b! Will

you be my best friend?" and they include their email

address telling him to email them. Yeah right!

Pathetic is what that is!

Evil Glorificus: hes not going to email them

Evil Glorificus: hes old and greedy i tell you he has

no real job

melsalcanada: I know! haha. In the chat he was like

sucking up to everyone. Well the three people there.

I think he's some sort of pervert, cuz he was like

"munky you are so cute"

Evil Glorificus: haha isnt she like 12?

melsalcanada: 14, but still! Come on! He's in his

40s or 50s or whatever

melsalcanada: it seemed like he was hitting on

everyone there

Evil Glorificus: i know, next thing you know hes like

come to our house noah will be there

melsalcanada: lmao, yeah. Like I would wanna go to

their house to see Noah! Ewww! He's washed up!

Evil Glorificus: he wasnt even all that famous

melsalcanada: Not really. lol. I remember I used to

like him! What the hell was I thinking??

Evil Glorificus: yeah me too, i was like omg hes so

hot omg omg omg!! but its like uhh yeah whatever now.

melsalcanada: lol! That exactly what I was like!

hehe. I had all the episodes of 2Gether taped. haha.

But I taped over them. GOOD! I bought the CD. haha

Evil Glorificus: i have both the cds and the movie on

tape, lol

Evil Glorificus: oh and dont forget those book covers

melsalcanada: book covers? lol

Evil Glorificus: yeah i got them for putting some ad

on my website i dont remember

Evil Glorificus: it was from tvt i think

melsalcanada: lol

Evil Glorificus: i always thought doughw as the best


Evil Glorificus: doug*

Evil Glorificus: was*

melsalcanada: lol. Yeah he was funny cuz he's related

to Chris Farley.

Evil Glorificus: yeah

Evil Glorificus: those were the days lol

Evil Glorificus: oh but you know what the best is

melsalcanada: hehe

Evil Glorificus: the little girls that swore they saw


Evil Glorificus: after he died

melsalcanada: lmao

melsalcanada: thats such bull

Evil Glorificus: and he told them something rofl

melsalcanada: or that they talked to him

melsalcanada: yeah exactly!

melsalcanada: "Michael came to my room at night! I

felt his spirit!"

Evil Glorificus: thats what you call stalker obsessed

melsalcanada: lmao

melsalcanada: He's dead! Get over it! I mean yeah,

it was definately sad, but I think thats taking it to


Evil Glorificus: gave you a good laugh though, didnt


Evil Glorificus: hehe

melsalcanada: lol for sure. I just wanted to respond

to those messages telling them that they're psycho!

But I didn't.

melsalcanada: I liked Michael but I don't go around

bashing dead people

melsalcanada: hehe

Evil Glorificus: hehe

Evil Glorificus: and then there was teenmag, lol that

was funnier

Evil Glorificus: and and and toiletduk is down =(

melsalcanada: lmao! Yeah it was! noahsmom VS teenmag

melsalcanada: awww I know! That sucks! I've been

trying to get on that for months :-(

Evil Glorificus: but you know what, heres another one


Evil Glorificus: and this always makes me laugh

melsalcanada: It doesn't work

Evil Glorificus: bah

Evil Glorificus: it worked before =(

melsalcanada: Welcome to my page, I like milk? lmao

Evil Glorificus: it gets funnier

melsalcanada: The guy cant write

Evil Glorificus: hehe

melsalcanada: brb :-(

melsalcanada: My dad is an ass

Evil Glorificus: ok

melsalcanada: He wants to interview me to prepare me

for a job interview. Stupid dip shit

melsalcanada: lol

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