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2002-01-31 - 5:20 p.m.
My mom is a bitch! She's banning my from the computer till I get a job. Whatever! I have an awesome story to tell too!

Ok, yesterday Shannon and I were supposed to go to the movies. I got to the bus terminal a little early so I went to the used bookstore to see what they had. The guy said I had to leave cuz he needed change. So I left, and when Shannon got to the terminal, we decided to look around. So we went back to the bookstore. When we got there, I tried to open the door and it was locked. There were two guys in there, and one guy had a foot stool, and was hitting the guy who worked there!! There was another guy in there who I think was trying to break it up. They saw us too! I remember the fat guy looked at us. Well, we went to 360 Clothing across the street and told the person what was going on, so she let us use the phone to call the police. So we called the police and told them what happened. I think they came cuz we saw a police car parked across the street from the bookstore. We didn't get to go to the movies, cuz it wasn't open! Geez! So we took the bus back to Shannons, where I stayed for supper. Shannon bought the new Disney movie Atlantis. So we watched that and it was pretty good! Ok, so if I don't write for awhile that means I'm not allowed on the computer.

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