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2002-01-23 - 3:27 p.m.
Well I went to school today. I wanted to go to say goodbye to everyone and to clean out my locker. I'm kinda sad now. I dunno what it was, but when I was cleaning out my locker I started to cry. For no reason!

Anyway, I went to the cafe to talk to everyone. I was so bored. Nobody went to class today. It didn't take long for me to start feeling better. I got really hyper. I had these mints called Altoids and I had a whole bunch of them and it made me hyper. hehe. Then Karen came to the cafe, and I was like "Do you want some drugs!" and she was like "Sure" so she had a bunch of the mints and we kept laughing.

Then I saw Carolyn so I went over to talk to her, and she had a big box of pizza that her and Rob were eating so she was like "Want some pizza?" and I was like "Sure!" So I had a big slice of pizza. And THEN I bought a pop! So I got really hyper!

Then Carolyn was like "Melissa! Do you want some ice cream?" It was CHOCOLATE!! How could I say no?? So Karen and I ate the ice cream. And by then I was feeling not so good. was my day. Oh wait! I went to Law and nobody was there, so I talked to my teacher and she said I passed my exam! YAAAAAY!

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