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2002-01-17 - 5:11 p.m.
ARRGH today was so friggin stupid! Well, co-op went

ok. As I was leaving Mrs. Hines gave me a present!

Since tomorrow would be my last day there. I got back

to school and opened the present. I got a mug with a

bear in it and a box of chocolates. hehe. That made

me happy :)

Now ready for the frigging annoying part? Some

fucking asshole pulled the fire alarm during lunch!

Not once, not twice, but THREE GODDAMN TIMES!

How stupid are the people in my school?? The first

time it was pulled, it took the firemen almost half an

hour to get to my school. I thought to myself, "If it

was a REAL fire then the school would probably have

burned down by the time THEY got here!" Geez!

Then five minutes after we were let inside, the damn

thing was pulled again! This time it had started to

snow pretty hard! Lucky that the firemen had just


So anyway....we were let back in AGAIN, and as soon as

they let us in, the alarm went off again! Half the

school wasn't even IN yet!

I was SO MAD! Luckily I was wearing my coat. But

some of the people weren't wearing any. Some people

in my school are thoughtless idiots. Everytime the

fire alarm is pulled as a prank it costs the school

MONEY! Like $300! Arrgh!

So after we were let back inside, there was an

announcement saying that due to the weather, and the

slippery roads the buses were being called in to take

everyone home. So yeah! I got to go home an hour and

a half early!

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