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2002-01-14 - 5:08 p.m.
*sigh* Back to school after my nice weekend. I actually WENT OUT! lol. I usually just stay in. I made a New Years resolution to get out more. Today was so boring. I had in class today so I didn't have to go to my co-op placement.

5th period, my regular teacher was away so we had a supply name Mrs. Wilson. I hate her! I had her last year for Information Processing, and she talked to the class like we were 5 year olds!! Verrrry slow. Thats what she did with our class today! Ugh! She kept staring at me today! I felt like saying "QUIT STARING AT ME BITCH!"

I haven't got a call back from the video store yet. I already know I didn't get the job, so I'll try not to be too upset when I do get the call.

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