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2002-01-11 - 5:57 p.m.

Take the Which Empire Records Character are You? Quiz.

Which Evil Criminal are You?


This quiz says absolutely nothing about your personality. Take it!

Although you may not be the most intelligent person in the world, you make goals and you stick to them. You're very driven in your desire to see the hidden meanings of things, even though you are quite the realist. You seem to have a bit of an anger control problem, but this just makes you all the more amusing to your friends. You are a bumbling superman who often saves the day without even knowing it, and don't worry, you'll eventually see the sailboat.

Take The "Which Kevin Smith Male Are You?" Quiz!!

You have an air of intelligence about you, some might even perceive you as being stuck up. You seem like you may be a nice person when you're not throwing one of your ever-present hissy fits and being a bitch to everyone. And take off your socks when you make whoopie, he hates it!

Take The "Which Kevin Smith Female Are You?" Quiz!!

Which Rocky character are you?

Take the What Should Your New Year's Resolution Be? Quiz

You're Lulu. You seem a little insensitive to those who don't know you very well, due to your cynical nature. Your mind is always thinking of things, big and small. You have a tough time of letting go of the past. You also like to bash people with plushies for fun and then fry them up with some tasty magic~! XD
Which Final Fantasy X Character would YOU be? Take the test.


You're just a girl; you tend to get frustrated easily, you daydream quite a bit, and you try to avoid making trouble, though curiosity always gets the better of you. Even under tight circumstances, however, you put aside (some of) your fear and figure out what's the best thing to do. You want a better understanding of your world.

i'm apple flavoured!

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

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