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2002-01-09 - 5:41 p.m.
Yaaaaahooooooooo!! Today I didn't have to go to school because the buses were CANCELLED!!!!!!!!!! I got up at 7:00 and my mom was like "The buses are cancelled, you don't have to go to school." I was HAAAAAPPPPPPYYYYY!! Can someone tell my damn dog to leave me alone? lol. Anyway, I'm pretty the buses wont be cancelled tomorrow. Damn. Tonight the American Music Awards are on. TOMORROW NIGHT THE SEASON FINALE OF SURVIVOR IS ON!!!!!!!

I can't wait for that! Tom, Lex, Ethan and Kim are left! I don't really care who wins cuz I like all of them. But I want Lex to win. I think I'm still going to the movies on Saturday!

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